How To Draw Tiki Totems

You Too Can Draw Tiki Totems – Watch The Video!

For many people Hawaiian Tiki gods, and Tiki artwork is something that they want to decorate their homes with. The islands have always intrigued people and these same people want to have many of these items in their homes. Everything from paintings, to mugs, to plates and other decoratives are welcomed in many of these collectors and fans homes.

Tiki artwork does have it’s know-how, and although it is not the most difficult thing in the world to draw or sketch, there is a plenty of detail that goes into creating this artwork to make it look just right. It should look old, and worn, yet have great detail of carvings and etchings in wood. An effect that is not easily obtained. Years and years of practice and form are necessary to get many of these desired effects about on your artwork.